Rimspace Planet Generator

A scifi themed interface with a rendering and details about a planet.

Created as a stretch goal for Hull Breach, the Rimspace Planet Generator was an absolute blast to build. I learned a lot and the end result is something that looks great and is a cool supplement for any planet fairing roleplaying game.

The Rimspace Planet Generator creates a science fiction planet, complete with technical stats, locations to explore and secret hooks for GMs to bring these places to life with a single click. A quick download button can be used to save planets or create player facing handouts. Global Styling provided by styled components lets users select the UI color and D3 adds some extra zazz in the form of animated graphs.

Tech stack

The biggest challenge was dynamically generating infinite planet images. We had to balance the need for a high degree of variability with enough control to ensure quality, usable images. The end result was to create a large hand-crafted image of continent shapes positioned under a circular mask. Each new planet would randomize the viewbox of the continent svg, producing the illusion of a planet with unique landmasses. Neat ;)

Side by side comparison of a planet image with the circulr mask and without the circular mask.
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