Io Experience

Five kids standing at touch screen kiosks, controlling small rovers inside of an enclosure with a landscape of the Io in the background.

Visitors step into an immersive landscape, modeled after Jupiter's moon of Io. Dynamic lighting invokes blistering auroras while a crackling soundtrack gives life to the volcanic moonscape. Faux rocks blend into the sulfurous lunar backdrop featuring projections of erupting volcanoes and the sight of ever-turning Jupiter looming over the horizon.

Clear communication and strong documentation were the key pillars of the development of this experience because each of the primary landscape components was produced by a different group. Working as the producer on behalf of Roto, I scripted out the timeline of events that served as the central design doc for each of separate development teams. As each group made progress, the timeline document would grow in detail, with design drafts, links to in-progress media and changes to direction. Keeping an up to date timeline in the hands of all the teams was critical to ensure their pieces came together during installation. I also set up mock ups using in progress drafts to double check the results of the developing media at the final production scale.

The result hit the mark precisely, with the Jupiter and volcano projections lining up with the static landscape and everything synchronized to the lighting and sound cues. It was a testament to the power of strong documentation and the importance of testing as you go.

Scenic rock work in the foreground and a cgi landscape of Io in the background featuring animated volcanic eruptions.
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Photos courtesy of Roto Group LLC.