Hull Breach

A rendering of a copy of Hull Breach

Hull Breach is an adventure and supplement anthology for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG, created by a diverse community of 3rd party Mothership authors, designers and artists and brought to you by Anodyne Printware. We began with the humble goal of creating a large zine but eventually this grew into a 200+ page hardcover book. Once the project launched on Kickstarter, it held the top spot on the site for over 3 weeks and eventually became one of the top 100 most backed tabletop role playing game projects in Kickstarter history.

This is a special project for me because it combines so many of my skills and passions: game design, writing, project strategy, creative development, vendor management, community interaction and web development. Creating the landing page was particularly fun because we decided to hide a little ARG experience in a sci-fi banner ad at the bottom of the page. We didn't have much time to implement the game so I had to find creative uses for built in tools. Rather than develop custom solutions, I relied on console logs, alerts, alt text and CSS to hide and reveal information. The result was simple but effective.

An open copy of Hull Breach
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